Zentacle lets you create complex and beautiful spiral patterns, just by fiddling with some sliders. Share your creation as an animated GIF or screenshot.

Full source available on GitHub: https://github.com/ajkolenc/zentacle

Comes with a host of presets that you can use as a base for your own creations.

Special Thanks: Patrick Rosetti (@PRosset) for coming up with the name


  • Spoke. An arm of a spiral
  • Offshoot. A branch off of a spoke
  • Pattern. An arrangement of spokes
  • Scene. Up to 4 pattern/spoke pairs

Download the Windows version for procedural music and increased performance.


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Zentacle - Windows 14 MB


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I'm a musician who thinks about getting into gaming. I REALLY am interested how did you create this synth sound parameters clearly responding to pattern settings. Did you write some library yourselves for that? It sounds clean and awesome!

I did write it myself actually. The sound sample itself is just a simple sine synth, and there's a few audio processing effects on the output (reverb, compressor).

The quality of the sound is using some data from the simulation.

  • Scale is a pentatonic variation chosen depending on the color of the background (darker is more minor)
  • Octave is determined by the color of the spokes
  • Pitch is determined by the Y position
  • Panning is controlled by X position

I basically just tried to figure out the most natural mapping to the sound properties I had readily available to tweak. Most of those parameters are accessible on Unity's AudioSource

Fantastic, thank you!

I really love this! Will you make at some point a Mac build?

I may! The only thing that needs to be ported is the file-saving/opening dialogs for importing/exporting. I had to include a special Mono DLL for it on Windows; not sure how Macs handle that, but I imagine it wouldn't take too long.